BCG Albumin Assay Kit

  • Detects albumin in plasma, serum, urine, or other biological fluid samples using Bromocresol Green
  • Detection sensitivity of approximately 0.02 g/dL albumin
  • Quick 5 minute protocol
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BCG Albumin Assay Kit
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250 assays
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Human serum albumin is the most abundant protein in human blood plasma, constituting about half of all plasma protein. Albumin is typically found at a concentration of 5 g/dL in the blood and is responsible for buffering pH, maintaining osmotic pressure, and transporting hormones, fatty acids and other compounds.

Our BCG Albumin Assay utilizes a proprietary bromocresol green (BCG) formulation for the detection of albumin in biological samples. BCG forms a color complex after 5 minutes when bound to albumin and is detected colorimetrically between 570-670nm. The amount of albumin in samples is determined based on a provided albumin standard curve.