Ecotropic Lentiviral Packaging System

Ecotropic Lentiviral Packaging System
  • Significantly reduced homology compared to other 3rd generation expression systems for added safety
  • Vectors provided individually to allow optimization of vector ratio
  • Contains three packaging plasmids (Rev, gag-pol, and envelope) for use with your own third generation lentiviral transfer vector


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ViraSafe™ Lentivirus Packaging System, Ecotropic
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Our ViraSafe™ Lentiviral Packaging Systems contain three packaging plasmids for co-transfection with your own third generation lentiviral expression construct. If you need an expression vector as well as the packaging plasmids, consider our ViraSafe™ Lentiviral Expression Complete Systems.

Our Ecotropic Packaging System assembles lentiviruses with an ecotropic envelope protein which will readily infect only mouse and rat cells via receptor-mediated binding, providing an additional level of safety. However, ecotropic viruses are not as stable upon freezing and will not survive ultracentrifugation procedures.

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