Ethenoadenosine ELISA

  • Detect as little as 50 nM of ethenoadenosine
  • Suitable for use with DNA isolated from cells or tissues
  • Unknown samples are compared with a provided ethenoadenosine standard


Video: Color Development in an ELISA

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OxiSelect™ Aldehyde Induced DNA Damage ELISA Kit (Ethenoadenosine Quantitation)
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96 assays
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The OxiSelect™ Aldehyde-Induced DNA Damage ELISA Kit (Ethenoadenosine Quantitation) is a competitive ELISA kit allowing the quantitation of ethenoadenosine adducts in DNA isolated from cells or tissues. Samples and standards are added to a provided microplate preabsorbed with etheno-damaged DNA. An anti-ethenoadenosine antibody is added and binds competitively to ethenoadenosine in the unknown sample or to the ethenoadenosine in the DNA coated on the plate. After washing a secondary antibody is added. A low signal means most of the primary antibody was bound to the unknown, indicating a high level of ethenoadenosine in the sample.