FAQ: iPS Cell Reprogramming

Q: What is the best method for making iPS Cells?

A: We recommend using either retrovirus or lentivirus to make iPS cells, because they have been demonstrated to yield higher reprogramming efficiencies than other methods. To make iPS cells using one of these viral methods, you can use the following:


1. Packaging cell line such as our Platinum Retroviral Packaging Cells that stably express retroviral structure proteins.

2. Retroviral expression plasmids containing stem cell factors


1. Packaging system such as our ViraSafe™ Lentiviral Packaging Systems

2. pLentG-KOSM Lentiviral Plasmid containing 4 individual iPS cell factors


Q: Can I use vectors containing mouse stem cell factors to make human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC)?

A: We have not done this ourselves, but it has been demonstrated in the following paper: Carey, B.W. et al. (2009). Reprogramming of murine and human somatic cells using a single polycistronic vector. PNAS 106: 157-162.