HIF-1 Alpha DNA Binding Activity Assay

  • HIF-1 DNA Binding Activity Assay takes only 4.5 hours to complete compared to a standard 3 day electromobility shift (EMSA) method
  • ELISA-based assay to detect activated HIF-1 in complexes from human, mouse or rat samples
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HIF-1 Alpha DNA Binding Activity Assay Kit
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The  HIF-1 Alpha DNA Binding Activity Assay Kit is an ELISA for the measurement of activated HIF-1.  A biotinylated double stranded DNA containing an HRE is first bound to the provided Streptavidin plate wells.  Then protein samples are added to the DNA conjugated microplate.  After a brief incubation, an anti-HIF-1 Alpha antibody is added, followed by an HRP conjugated secondary antibody, allowing for simple colorimetric detection by plate spectophotometry