Apolipoprotein ELISA Kits

Apolipoproteins can be grouped into two classes: the nonexchangeable apolipoproteins (ApoB-100 and ApoB-48), and the exchangeable apolipoproteins (ApoA-I, ApoA-II, ApoA-IV, ApoC-I, ApoC-II, ApoC-III, and ApoE). Exchangeable apolipoproteins are able to interact with a range of macromolecular lipid assemblies, from large VLDL droplets to tiny HDL particles. In contrast to exchangeable apolipoproteins, the non-exchangeable apolipoproteins remain on the same lipoprotein particle from biosynthesis to breakdown.

Our Human Apolipoprotein ELISA Kits are highly specific for the target of interest. All are suitable for use with human serum or plasma. Please note these kits are for research use only, not for diagnostic purposes.