Ecotropic Lentiviral Expression Systems

Ecotropic lentiviruses are constructed with an envelope protein that can only readily infect mouse or rat cells. If you do not plan to infect cells of any other species, making an ecotropic lentivirus can add an additional level of safety since it will not easily infect human cells. However, ecotropic viruses are typically less stable than VSVG-pseudotyped viruses.

Our Ecotropic Lentiviral Expression Systems contain an expression vector plus all the packaging plasmids necessary to make recombinant lentivirus. These lentiviral expression systems vary by the structure of the expression vector. All systems contain an expression vector with an EF-1 promoter, with the exception of our Promoterless Expression System. This system is designed for experiments where a gene-specific promoter is desired; simply clone the promoter and gene of interest together into the vector.