Lipid Extraction & Polar/Neutral Lipid Separation Combo Kit (Chloroform Free)

  • Extracts lipids and separates polar and neutral lipids from plasma, serum, cells or tissues
  • Chloroform free extraction and separation method
  • Contains 50 preps based on a 100µl input sample size

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Lipid Extraction & Polar/Neutral Lipid Separation Combo Kit (Chloroform Free)
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50 preps
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This kit combines a chloroform free organic lipid extraction with further separation of polar and neutral lipids. The lipid extraction first extracts lipids from a crude lipid source to a chloroform free upper organic phase using a proprietary alcohol. After addition of a proprietary organic compound, the mixture is centrifuged to separate the phases. The recovered organic phase containing lipids is dried and then polar and neutral lipids are separated by adding a proprietary secondary alcohol and organic compound. The layers are separated, dried, and resuspended for further analysis.