Polyamine Oxidase Assay

  • Detects PAO in biological samples
  • Substrate and inhibitor included
  • Hydrogen peroxide standard included
  • Results are read in a fluorescence microplate reader
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OxiSelect™ Polyamine Oxidase Assay Kit
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100 assays
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Polyamine oxidase (PAO) is an enzyme that oxidizes various polyamines including spermine and spermidine, resulting in the production of hydrogen peroxide. PAO is strongly induced by anti-tumor analogues of polyamines, which suggests that PAO activity may be responsible for cell death via hydrogen peroxide generation.

Our Polyamine Oxidase Assay Kit measures PAO activity in biological samples. PAO reacts with a substrate, generating hydrogen peroxide. A reaction between hydrogen peroxide and the probe results in a signal that is directly proportional to the level of PAO in the sample and can be detected in a fluorescence-based plate reader. PAO activity in unknown samples is calculated based on a hydrogen peroxide standard curve.