Protein Radical ELISA

  • Quantify protein radicals based on electron spin resonance (ESR) trapping and DMPO nitrone adduct formation
  • Suitable for use with cells, lysates, plasma or serum samples
  • Read results in a standard 96-well plate


Video: Color Development in an ELISA

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OxiSelect™ Protein Radical ELISA Kit
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96 assays
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Protein radicals form from electron transfer from various reactive oxygen and reactive nitrogen species. Protein radicals have been linked to various disorders including amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Huntington's Disease and Alzheimer's disease.

The OxiSelect™ Protein Radical ELISA Kit quantifies free radicals in a standard 96-well plate. The kit uses the molecule DMPO as a spin trap to bind to the protein radical and create an adduct which can be detected with an anti-DMPO Nitrone Adduct Antibody. The protein radical content in unknown samples is determined by comparing the optical density with a standard curve generated from predetermined DMPO Nitrone Adduct-HSA standards.