Retroviral Packaging Cells for iPS Cell Generation

Retroviral Packaging Cells for iPS Cell Generation

Our Platinum Retroviral Packaging Cells have been optimized to produce retroviruses with higher titers for superior infection of a variety of cell types. Average titers achieved with Platinum Retroviral Packaging Cells are 10^6 to 10^7 IFU/mL with transient transfection. Cells are available to make amphotropic, ecotropic, or pantropic (VSVG-pseudotyped) retrovirus, each of which are designed to infect cells of certain species:

  Amphotropic Ecotropic Pantropic
Human +++ N.S. +++
Mouse +++ +++ +++
Rat +++ +++ +++
Monkey +++ N.S. +++
Cat +++ N.S. +++
Dog +++ N.S. +++
Hamster + N.S. +++
Bird N.S. N.S. +++
Fish N.S. N.S. +++
Frog N.S. N.S. +++
Insect N.S. N.S. +++
Mollusk N.S. N.S. +++

N.S. = Not Suitable

NOTE: Platinum Retroviral Expression Systems are available for sale to academic, government and non-profit research laboratories. All other purchasers require a commercial license for all fields including research use. Please contact our Business Development department for license information.

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