Small GTPase Active GEF Assay

Small GTPase Active GEF Assay
  • Safe non-radioactive assay format
  • Colored agarose beads allow visual check
  • Fast results: 1 hour plus electrophoresis/blotting time
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Active Rac-GEF Assay Kit (Tiam1)
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Guanine nucleotide exchange factors (GEFs) activate the small GTPases by catalyzing the exchange of GDP for GTP. Our Active Rac-GEF Assay Kit employs the visible agarose bead technology used in our Small GTPase Activation Assays to pull down the active form of Rac-GEF from endogenous lysates or purified samples. The specific GEF known as Tiam1 is then specifically detected with a polyclonal antibody.

Tiam1 Activation Assay. 293 cells were transfected with active Tiam1. Active Tiam1 in lysate was pulled down with Rac1 G15A agarose beads. Lane 1: Mock transfection control. Lane 2: Tiam1 transfection.

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