Adenovirus Rapid Quantitation Kit

Adenovirus Rapid Quantitation Kit
  • Ultra-fast 45-60 minute procedure
  • Measures the viral nucleic acid content of purified adenovirus or unpurified supernatant
  • Limit of detection: 10^10 viral particles/mL from 100 µL of adenoviral supernatant
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QuickTiter™ Adenovirus Quantitation Kit
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Quantifying your adenovirus prep prior to infection will help you determine the amount of virus needed to achieve the appropriate MOI (multiplicity of infection) for your target cells. Our QuickTiter™ Adenovirus Quantitation Kit provides a quick method for measuring the viral nucleic acid content of your adenovirus. This assay may be performed either before or after purification of your virus.

Assay Principle for the QuickTiter™ Adenovirus Quantitation Kit.

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