Let Cell Biolabs Commercialize your Research Reagents

At Cell Biolabs, we pride ourselves in our ability to commercialize new life science research technologies and reagents. If you have developed reagents in your own lab that you feel would benefit the research community, our worldwide distribution network can make those reagents available to other researchers in nearly 100 countries.

Licensing your reagents to Cell Biolabs removes the burden of creating your own Material Transfer Agreements, and eliminates the need for you to store, pack and ship your reagents to other labs that request them. You simply provide the reagents to Cell Biolabs, and researchers around the world order directly from us or one of our local distributors in their country. And to top it off, we will pay your institution a royalty for each sale, which can help fund your own continued research!

Here are some examples of reagents we have already commercialized from other laboratories:

  • Platinum Retroviral Packaging Cell Lines: Dr. Toshio Kitamura, University of Tokyo
  • RAPAd® Adenoviral Expression Systems: Dr. Beverly Davidson, University of Iowa
  • ViraSafe™ Lentiviral Expression Systems: Dr. Paula Cannon, University of Southern California
  • SNL 76/7 Feeder Cells: Dr. Allan Bradley, Baylor College of Medicine

If you have a new antibody, protein, compound, cell line or vector that you believe would add value to the life science community, or if you are ready for a partner to handle the distribution of your existing reagent(s), please contact our Business Development department.