Creatinine Assay Kit

  • Measures creatinine levels in urine samples
  • Detection sensitivity limit of 300 μg/dl
  • Creatinine standard included


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Urinary Creatinine Assay Kit
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192 assays
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Product Details

Cell Biolabs’ Creatinine Assay Kit measures creatinine levels in urine. Samples are compared to a known concentration of creatinine standard within a 96-well microtiter plate format. Samples and standards are incubated for 30 minutes with a reaction reagent which changes color from yellow to bright orange upon reacting with creatinine, forming the creatinine-picrate complex. The plate is read with a standard 96-well spectrophotometric microplate reader at 490 nm. Higher OD values correlate with high creatinine concentrations. Sample creatinine concentrations are determined by comparison with the known creatinine standards.

Creatinine Synthesis Chemistry.

Creatinine Assay Standard Curve.

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