FAQ: Tumor Sensitivity Assay

Q: Is this kit compatible with any cell line?

A: Our Cell Transformation Assays, including our In Vitro Tumor Sensitivity Assay, are not cell type specific and can be used for any cell line as long as the cells can form colonies in soft agar. 


Q: Can any media be used with this assay?

A: The DMEM is provided in the kit as a convenience, but any media that is compatible the cell line can be used, as long as it is at a 2X concentration. 


Q: Is blood compatible with this assay?

A: Blood samples can be used with this kit, but the results will be dependent on the number of starting cells. The incubation time may need to be increased to 3 weeks, rather than the 6-8 days mentioned in the protocol, to better visualize colony formation from blood samples. 


Q: What is the mechanism of detection?

A: Our In Vitro Tumor Sensitivity Assay uses MTT to colorimetrically detect live cells.  MTT measures the activity of enzymes in living cells that reduce tetrazolium dye (yellow) to formzan (purple).  The formzan is insoluble and requires addition of a detergent solution to dissolve the formzan into a purple solution that can be quantified between 500 and 600nm.