FAQ: Cellular Senescence Assays

Q: Can any of your Cellular Senescence Assays be automated?

A: For  automating the senesce assay screening, we recommend using #CBA-231, which comes in a 96-well format and can be read with a fluorescent plate reader.  This is an activity assay that quantitates senescence by measuring SA-ß-gal activity using a fluorometric substrate.  Both #CBA-230 and #CBA-232 are SA-ß-gal staining assays that detect SA-ß-gal in living cells.  #CBA-232 uses a fluorometric substrate that can be analyzed by flow cytometry or fluorescence microscope and is more sensitive that #CBA-230, however, neither #CBA-230 nor #CBA-232 is suitable for high throughput analysis.  All of our senescence assays are suitable for use on any cell that is senescence.


FAQs for Specific Cellular Senescence Assay Kits: