FAQ: GFP Monoclonal Antibody

Q: What GFP variants will this antibody recognize?

A: Our anti-GFP antibody is a mouse monoclonal raised against the N-terminal of GFP and will recognize native and denatured GFP and its variants, including EGFP, YFP, EYFP, and CFP


Q: Does this antibody cross react with dsRed or mCherry?

A: The anti-GFP antibody was made using the N-terminal of GFP as an antigen and will not react with RFP proteins dsRED or mCherry, since their sequences are so different.  


Q: Can this antibody be used for immunostaining?

A: Yes, this antibody may be used for immunostaining.  We recommend using a dilution of 1:500 to 1:2000 for immunostaining, although the required dilution will depend on the concentration of GFP protein in the samples.