FAQ: Lipoprotein Lipase Activity Assay

Q: Can this kit distinguish between endothelial and hepatic lipases?

A: Our Lipoprotein Lipase Activity Assay Kit will detect LPL, endothelial, and hepatic lipases, but it is unable to distinguish between the three forms.  The LPL fluorometric substrate used in this assay is able to be cleaved by each of these lipases, although each lipase has a different rate of reactivity and the level of each lipase will vary based on sample type.


Q: How can I inhibit only LPL activity?

A: Unfortunately we are not aware of an LPL inhibitor that is specific to LPL that will not also inhibit hepatic lipase activity. 


Q: What species are compatible with this kit?

A: This kit is not species specific and will work with samples from any species.