Q: Why is 200ng DNA the maximum amount of DNA that can be added? 

A: This assay is an indirect ELISA, where the wells are coated with the DNA sample, and the maximum amount of DNA that the well can capture is 200 ng.  Adding more than this will not result in an increased signal because the same amount of DNA will be captured by the well.


Q: How can I convert from ng/ml to pmol/µg?

A: The BPDE-DNA standard was created in vitro by incubating calf thymus DNA with BPDE-I (NCI Carcinogen Repository MRI 477) and we don’t know how many BPDE modifications there are per DNA molecule. Therefore the OD values aren’t able to be converted to pmol/µg DNA.


Q: Is this kit suitable for use with bacterial cells?

A: Since this kit uses isolated DNA samples, it is suitable for use with DNA extracted from bacteria.