FAQ: Cellular UV Damage ELISA Kits

Q: Can I use this kit with suspension cells?

A: Our cell-based ELISA kits can be used on suspension cells.  The only modification to the protocol necessary will be to spin down the plate before fixing.


Q: Does the CPD-DNA Standard contain only CPD damages or does it also include DNA 6-4PP damage?

A: The CDP-DNA was made by briefly exposing DNA samples in an UV Crosslinker and the treated DNA will contain both CPD and 6-4PP damage.


Q: Can I stop the protocol after the fixing/denaturation step and store the cells overnight before continuing with the ELISA?

A: Yes, the assay can be stopped after the fixing/denaturation steps.  To do this, step 8 of the protocol can be modified by incubating in Assay Diluent at 4ºC overnight instead of the 30 minute room temperature incubation.


Q: How can high background be reduced?

A: It is normal to get high background with any cell based ELISA.  To reduce the background, try using less antibody (1:2000 instead of 1:1000) and increase the number of washes.