FAQ: Methylglyoxal Competitive ELISA Kit

Q: Are EDTA plasma samples compatible with your kit?

A: EDTA will not interfere with our MG ELISA Kit and any anticoagulant can be used when preparing plasma samples.


Q: Is your methylglyoxal kit compatible with samples of any species?

A: Our MG ELISA Kit is not species specific and can be used with samples from any species.


Q: Is the MG Competitive ELISA kit compatible with tissue lysates?

A: Tissue samples are compatible with this assay and lysates can be prepared in any lysis buffer.


Q: What is the molecular weight of the MG-BSA standard?

A: The average molecular weight of the MG-BSA conjugate is 66.5 kDa.  The MG modifications are so small that they don’t significantly change the molecular weight of the BSA


Q: What is the ratio of MG:BSA in the standard, and will this vary based on preparation?

A: The MG-BSA conjugate was made by reacting BSA with MG, followed by extensive dialysis and column purification.  Although we don’t know the exact number of MG per BSA molecule, the preparation protocol does not vary and the MG:BSA ratio is consistent between kits.


Q: What cell number should I use in the ELISA?

A: Unfortunately we do not have a recommended cell number to use when preparing lysates, because this will depend on the MG level of the sample, which will be different for each researcher.  Our recommendation is to start with the most concentrated sample possible and prepare further dilutions later, if necessary, after running a small scale sample titration against the standard curve.