FAQ: 293AAV Cell Line

Q: How should these cells be cultured?

A: The 293AAV cell line was derived from parental HEK293 cells, and the cells were specifically selected to have flattened morphology and firm attachment to improve viral applications.  These cells can be cultured the same way you would culture parental 293 cells.  They should be split 1:6 to 1:10 before reaching confluency.


Q: How do I get a good viral yield with your 293AAV cells?

A: It is best to use healthy cells at a low passage number when packaging virus since high passage number cells do not package virus as well.  We recommend using cells less than passage 10 for packaging virus.


Q: Are these cells affected by confluence?

A: The cells should be split before reaching confluency, otherwise the transfection efficiency and viral titer may be reduced.


Q: What is the freeze media I should use?

A: The freeze media should be 90% complete media with 10% DMSO.