FAQ: AAV Quantitation

Q: Will the QuickTiter™ AAV Quantitation Kit work on all AAV serotypes

A: This kit can be used on purified AAV of any serotype, including AAV samples that have undergone ultracentrifugation procedures. For crude, unpurified AAV it will only work on AAV serotype 2 and AAV-DJ



Q: Why do purified samples require running a non-heated control?

A: When using purified virus with this kit, Solution C is added to the sample to break open the viral capsid and release the viral genome.  CyQuant® dye is then added, which will bind any DNA present in the sample, including viral DNA as well as any DNA contamination in the sample.  The non-heated control is used to eliminate any background fluorescence reading that is originating from contaminating DNA in the viral prep.