FAQ: RAPAd® Adenoviral Expression Systems

Q: What is the RAPAd® system?

A: The RAPAd® Adenoviral Expression System was developed by Dr. Beverly Davidson of University of Iowa. It uses an easy protocol that generates high titer virus in 2-3 weeks.  Each RAPAd system contains a shuttle vector, a pacAD5 9.2-100 vector, a GFP control vector and a LacZ control vector.  The shuttle vector is linearized and co-transfected with the pacAD5 9.2-100 vector into 293 cells to package the adenovirus


Q: What adenovirus serotype is produced with RAPAd® system?

A: Adenovirus produced with the RAPAd® system contains the Ad5 backbone with E1 and E3 deletions.


Q: How much DNA should be used for transfection and at what ratio?

A: We recommend following the manufacturer’s protocol for the transfection reagent you will be using, which will have guidelines for the amount of DNA to use.  The ratio of PacI digested shuttle vector to PacI digested backbone vector should be 4:1 during transfection.