FAQ: Adenoviral Transduction

Q: How much adenovirus should be used for transduction?

A: The volume of supernatant required to infect cells will be different for every cell type and will be dependent on the MOI (multiplicity of infection) for that cell type.  We recommend determining the MOI either by performing a literature search for the specific cell type, or by performing a small scale infection on target cells using a range of MOIs.  The titer can be determined with one of our titer kits.


Q: Will your ViraDuctin™ Adenovirus Transduction Reagent only work on cells that lack the CAR receptor?

A: ViraDuctin™ Adenovirus Transduction Reagent is designed mainly to increase infection efficiencies in cells that lack the coxsackievirus-adenovirus receptor (CAR). However, it can also help boost infection rates of CAR-containing cells, although to a lesser degree.