Formate Assay Kit

Formate Assay
  • Detect formate levels as low as 12.5 µM
  • Suitable for serum, plasma, urine, cell lysates, and cell culture supernatants
  • Formate standard provided for quantitation of unknown samples

NOTE: Each sample replicate requires 2 assays for proper data calculation.

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Formate Assay Kit
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100 assays
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Formic acid is the simplest carboxylic acid that is often used as an antibacterial agent or preservative in livestock feed. It blocks certain decay process, thereby prolonging the feed's nutritive value. In humans, formic acid is metabolized rather easily at low levels, but at higher levels it can be toxic, especially as a byproduct of methanol poisoning.

Our Formate Assay Kit provides a convenient 96-well plate based method to quantify formate in a variety of sample types. The colorimetric probe WST-1 is used to quantify formate levels in the presence of formate dehydrogenase. Each kit provides sufficient reagents for 100 assays, including standards and unknown samples.