Glycine Assay Kit

Glycine Assay Kit
  • Detection sensitivity limit of 1.56 µM glycine
  • Suitable for use with lysates, serum, plasma, saliva and urine
  • Glycine standard included
  • Measures only free glycine; will not detect glycine in peptides or proteins
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Glycine Assay Kit
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100 assays
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Glycine is a non-eseential amino acid since it is synthesized in the body from serine. Glycine serves a variety of functions in the body. Together with hydroxyproline, glycine makes up the helical structure of collagen. In higher eukaryotes, glycine is involved in the synthesis of a precursor to porphyrins. Glycine also serves as an inhibitory neurotransmitter in the spinal cord. Glycine is also found conjugated with bile acids, forming bile salts.

Our Glycine Assay Kit is a quantitative fluorometric assay that uses glycine specific enzymes to generate hydrogen peroxide. A fluorometric probe is oxidized by hydrogen peroxide to generate fluorescent Resorufin, which correlates to the level of glycine in the sample. Glycine levels in an unknown sample are calculated based on a glycine standard curve.

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