GST Protein Inclusion Body Solubilization

  • Quickly solubilize and renature GST inclusion bodies
  • No lengthy dialysis or dilution steps
  • No pH variation or redox pair involved


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Rapid GST Inclusion Body Solubilization and Renaturation Kit
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Recombinant proteins expressed in bacteria often form inclusion bodies, especially when they are expressed at high levels. The Rapid GST Inclusion Body Solubilization and Renaturation Kit is designed to retrieve expressed GST fusion proteins in soluble form after lysis and extraction procedures. Each kit contains sufficient reagents to solubilize and renature up to 5-10 liters of bacterial culture.

GST Inclusion Body Solubilization and Renaturation Flow Chart

Solubilization and Renaturation of GST-RTK fusion protein. GST-RTK expression was induced with 1 mM IPTG at 37ºC for 4 hours. The cell pellet was lysed, and inclusion bodies were solubilized and renatured under different amounts of detergent solubilization solution according to the assay protocol. Lane 1: MW Standard; Lane 2: Whole E. coli lysate; Lanes 3, 7, 11: No detergent; Lanes 4, 8, 12: 32-fold dilution; Lanes 5, 9, 13: 8-fold dilution; Lanes 6, 10, 14: 2-fold dilution.

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