Soluble Collagen Assay

Soluble Collagen Assay
  • Detects soluble collagen in cell and tissue lysates
  • Detection sensitivity of approximately 15 µg/ml collagen
  • Collagen standard curve included
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Soluble Collagen Assay Kit
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96 assays
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Collagen serves as the major structural component of animal connective tissues. It is found in fibrous tissues such as skin and ligaments as well as in bone, cartilage, and cornea. Collagen is the most abundant animal protein, making up about 30% of the total protein content.

Our Soluble Collagen Assay Kit detects soluble collagen in cell and tissue lysates. This assay uses a Sirius Red Reagent to stain the triple helix structure of collagen that has been dried onto the wells of a 96-well plate. The collagen is washed with an Acidic Reagent and the stain is eluted with a Basic Reagent, which is then transferred to a new plate and read colorimetrically between 540nm-560nm. The amount of soluble collagen in samples is determined based on a provided collagen standard curve.

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