24-Well Anoikis Assay

24-Well Anoikis Assay
  • Detect live and dead cells by microscopy, fluorescence, or flow cytometry
  • Quantify live cells on a standard microplate reader or fluorometer
  • Precoated plate included


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CytoSelect™ 24-Well Anoikis Assay
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24 assays
Colorimetric / Fluorometric
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Adhesion to the extraceullular matrix is essential for the survival and propagation of many adherent cells. Apoptosis resulting from the loss of adhesion to the ECM is known as anoikis. Anoikis is involved in the physiological processes of tissue renewal and cell homeostasis.

Our CytoSelect™ Anoikis Assays allow you to quantify and monitor anoikis in cells using a precoated plate. Live cells can be viewed under a microscope and quantified on a plate reader by MTT (colorimetric) or Calcein AM (fluorometric); both reagents are included in the kit. Dead cells are detected with the red EthD-1 reagent, also included.

Anoikis of Human Fibroblast BJ-TERT Cells. 50,000 cells/well were seeded in a control plate and cultured for 24 hours. Top: Cells on the control plate were stained with Calcein AM. Bottom: Cells on the Poly-HEMA coated plate were stained with EthD-1.

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