AAV-2 Bicistronic Expression System (IRES-GFP)

  • Complete Expression System contains packaging plasmids, expression vector and GFP control vector for packaging of recombinant AAV serotype 2
  • pHelper plasmid contains required E2A, E4, and VA RNA adenoviral genes; eliminates the need for a helper adenovirus
  • Cloning capacity of expression vector = 1.7 kb


Frequently Asked Questions about AAV Expression and Packaging

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AAV-2 Helper Free Bicistronic Expression System (GFP)
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1 kit
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Product Details

The AAV Helper Free System produces recombinant AAV containing your gene of interest without the need to use a helper adenovirus. The adenoviral genes required for proper AAV packaging are provided in the pHelper plasmid (E2A, E4 and VA RNA) or in the 293 packaging cells (E1).

Production and Transduction of Recombinant AAV. AAV2-GFP was produced by cotransfection of 293AAV cells (Catalog #AAV-100) with pAAV-GFP, pAAV-RC2, and pHelper plasmids. Upon harvesting viral supernatant, 293AD cells (Catalog #AD-100) were infected with AAV2-GFP for 48 hours.

Production and Transduction of AAV2-GFP. Top Left: 293AAV cells prior to transfection (10X). Top Right: 293AAV cells 48 hours after transfection (10X). Bottom Left: GFP expression in 293AAV cells 48 hours after transfection (10X). Bottom Right: GFP expression in 293AD cells 48 hours after infection (20X).