FAQ: Cellular Senescence Staining Kit

Q: Is this assay compatible with tissue samples?

A: Yes this kit can be used to stain tissue samples, and no modifications are necessary to the protocol.


Q: I did not detect a blue color with this kit.

A: The absence of blue color with the senescence assay indicates that there are few senescence cells present or that the cells are in the pre-senescence stage.  We suggest using a positive control cell line that has a high passage number, such as primary human fibroblasts or WI-38 cells, which are commonly used to study senescence.  You may also want to consider using #CBA-231 which is our Cellular Senescence Assay that detects SA-B-Gal activity in a 96-well format.  This assay is more sensitive and will detect both senescence and pre-senescence.