Lipid Droplet Isolation Kit

  • Isolates lipid droplets from cells or tissues
  • Uses a simple gradient centrifugation protocol
  • No ultracentrifugation required
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Lipid Droplet Isolation Kit
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Lipid droplets are lipid rich organelles found in the adipose tissue of eukaryotes. They function to regulate the hydrolysis and storage of neutral lipids and serve as storage for cholesterol and acyl-glycerols. Lipid droplets have also been associated with inflammatory responses, obesity, atherosclerosis, and cancer.

Our Lipid Droplet Isolation Kit isolates lipid droplets using a simple gradient centrifugation protocol. Cells or tissues are homogenized, a gradient is created, and the samples are centrifuged. Lipid droplets float to the top and are recovered by pipetting off the top layer.