Lipid Quantification Kit (unsaturated fatty acids)

  • Quantifies total unsaturated fatty acids from plasma, serum, or cultured cells
  • Sulfo-phospho-vanillin system provides quantitation in a 96-well plate
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Lipid Quantification Kit (Colorimetric)
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100 assays
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Traditional lipid quantitation methods require expensive HPLC or light scattering detection equipment. Our Lipid Quantitation Kit provides a simple method for quantitation of lipids in a standard 96-well microplate reader. The kit uses a sulfo-phospho-vanillin system in which samples are acidified and heated to solubilize and prime them for quantitation. In an acidic environment, vanillin reagent reacts with the lipids to form a colored product that is easily detected by the plate reader at 540 nm.

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