Total Carbohydrate Assay Kit

Total Carbohydrate Assay Kit
  • Colorimetric detection of total carbohydrates in serum, plasma, lysates, urine, cell culture supernatants or food samples
  • Detection sensitivity limit of approximately 0.0625 mM glucose
  • Glucose standard included
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Total Carbohydrate Assay Kit
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100 assays
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Our Total Carbohydrate Assay detects total carbohydrates within samples based on the phenol-sulfuric acid method. Carbohydrates are hydrolyzed to furfural and furfural derivates upon addition of sulfuric acid, which then react with the Developing Solution to form a chromagen that is detected at 490nm. Total carbohydrate levels in an unknown sample are calculated based on a glucose standard curve.

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