8-iso-Prostaglandin F2a Assay

8-iso-Prostaglandin F2a Assay
  • Quantify 8-isoprostane in about 3 hours
  • Suitable for use with urine, plasma, serum, or cell lysates
  • 8-iso-PGF2alpha included as positive control


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OxiSelect™ 8-iso-Prostaglandin F2a ELISA Kit
Catalog Number
96 assays
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OxiSelect™ 8-iso-Prostaglandin F2a ELISA Kit
Catalog Number
5 x 96 assays
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Product Details

8-iso-Prostaglandin F2alpha (8-isoprostane) is a stable by-product of lipid peroxides generated during oxidative stress. Our OxiSelect™ 8-Isoprostane Assay Kit provides a convenient method for absolute quantitation in just a few hours. The 8-Isoprostane ELISA is suitable for a variety of sample types including urine, plasma, and cell lysates.

Dilutions of Human Urine Tested with the OxiSelect™ 8-iso-Prostaglandin F2alpha ELISA Kit.

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