Radius Cell Migration Assays

Our Radius™ Cell Migration Assays provide a convenient and user-friendly method to measure two-dimensional cell migration. When cells are seeded in the well of the Radius plate, they will adhere everywhere except in the center of the well where we have placed a biocompatible hydrogel spot. Once cells form a monolayer, the assay is initiated by gently dissolving the gel with a removal solution, leaving a gap across which cell migration can occur.

Unlike traditional Boyden Chamber assays, each Radius plate can accept cells of any type and size without the worry of choosing a pore sized matched to your specific cell. For cells that need an ECM protein for stronger cell adhesion, we offer pre-coated 24-well plates with Collagen I, Fibronectin or Laminin. We also provide an ECM Array kit which contains a 24-well plate with one row of each aforementioned protein plus one row uncoated.