Cell Proliferation Assays

Cell Proliferation

Monitoring cell proliferation is essential for a variety of applications including optimizing cell culture conditions and determining activity rates of cytokines and growth factors. Cell proliferation measurement can also be useful in assessing cell-mediated cytotoxicity, the efficacy of therapeutic compounds in drug screening, and the cytostatic nature of anticancer compounds in toxicology testing.

Our Cell Proliferation Assays and Reagents provide convenient methods to monitor cell proliferation rates with either colorimetric or fluorometric detection. Use the following table to select the best assay or reagent for your needs:

Product Detection Mechanism
BrdU Cell Proliferation ELISA Kit Colorimetric Antibody detection of BrdU in newly synthesized DNA in proliferating cells
MTT Cell Proliferation Assay Colorimetric MTT conversion to formazan (purple) by cellular reductase
WST-1 Cell Proliferation Assay Reagent Colorimetric WST-1 conversion to formazan (orange) by cellular NADH and electron mediator