Cell Viability and Cytotoxicity Assay

  • Detect live and dead cells by microscopy, plate reader, or flow cytometry
  • Both live and dead cells may be quantified on a fluorescence plate reader; live cells may also be quantified on a standard colorimetric (ELISA) plate reader


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CytoSelect™ Cell Viability and Cytotoxicity Assay
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96 assays
Colorimetric / Fluorometric
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The CytoSelect™ Cell Viability and Cytotoxicity Assay Kit provides a simple format for monitoring cell viability via metabolic activity. Live cells are detected with either MTT (colorimetric detection) or Calcein AM (fluorometric detection). Dead cells are detected by EthD-1 reagent (fluorometric). All 3 detection reagents are included, along with Saponin (a cell death initiator).

Prior to the assay, cells may be treated with compounds or agents that affect cell viability. This kit is suitable for eukaryotic cells, not yeast or bacteria.

Viability of Human Foreskin Fibroblasts. BJ-TERT cells were seeded at 50,000 cells/well and allowed to culture for 24 hours. Cells were then treated with and without Saponin. To each cell population either Calcein AM or EthD-1 was added.

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