Human Oxidized LDL ELISA Kit (MDA-LDL)

  • Suitable for use with human plasma or serum samples
  • Copper oxidized LDL (oxLDL) Standard included
  • Detection sensitivity limit of <50 ng/mL for MDA-LDL


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OxiSelect™ Human Oxidized LDL ELISA Kit (MDA-LDL Quantitation)
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LDL, so-called "bad cholesterol", is even more dangerous when it becomes oxidized. Oxidized LDL (OxLDL) is more reactive with surrounding tissues and can collect within the inner-lining of arteries. Macrophages, cholesterol, and other lipids can accumulate at the site (atherosclerosis), ultimately forming a plaque that can lead to heart attack, stroke or death. Oxidation of LDL affects both the lipid and protein components of LDL

The OxiSelect™ Human Oxidized LDL ELISA Kits are enzyme immunoassays developed for the detection and quantitation of human oxLDL in plasma, serum or other biological fluid samples. The kits contain a copper oxidized LDL standard against which unknown samples may be compared. This oxidized LDL assay kit is configured to selectively measure oxLDL in MDA-LDL.

Note: MDA is the most prevalent modification found in oxidized LDL, but it is not stable in samples stored for more than one month. Our MDA-LDL assay is best for use with fresh samples. For samples stored for longer periods, better results may be obtained with measurement of CML or HNE modifications, both of which are more stable than MDA.

Assay Principle for the OxiSelect™ Oxidized LDL ELISA Kits.

Standard Curve Generated with the OxiSelect™ Oxidized LDL ELISA Kit (MDA-LDL Quantitation).

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