Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Assay

Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Assay
  • Suitable for use with samples containing a hydrogen sulfide donor, such as enzymes, cells or tissues
  • Sodium sulfide standard included
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OxiSelect™ Free Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Assay Kit
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Hydrogen sulfide has been shown to have nucroprotective and cardioprotective properties, lowering oxidative stress by increasing levels of glutathione by enhancing cystine and cysteine transport to neurons.

Our Free Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Assay Kit Assay Kit measures free H2S gas emitted from samples. A solution containing silver ions is coated on the underside of a microplate lid to form a thin polymer layer. The lid is placed over a plate containing hydrogen sulfide gas-producing samples. The gas escapes from the liquid sample and makes contact with the polymer in the lid, forming silver sulfide nanoparticles that produce a brown discoloration of the polymer layer. The lid is then moved to an empty microplate where optical density is measured at 405 nm using a standard plate reader.

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