Promoterless Adenoviral Expression System

Promoterless Adenoviral Expression System
  • Engineered to produce 100- to 10,000-fold fewer wild type plaques than most other expression systems
  • Generate high-titer virus in about 2-3 weeks compared to 2-3 months with other systems
  • Promoterless shuttle vector allows you to clone the optimal promoter with your gene of interest
  • Cloning capacity of shuttle vector = 7.5 kb


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RAPAd® Universal Adenoviral Expression System
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Making an adenovirus with traditional recombinant methods takes 2-3 months and requires tedious plaque recombination. More recent technologies have shortened this time somewhat, but still produce relatively high amounts of wild type (replication-competent) plaques, levels of which increase with serial amplification.

The RAPAd® Adenoviral Expression Systems produce recombinant adenovirus with substantially reduced wild-type virus, while considerably shortening the production time to 2-3 weeks. Serial amplification of adenovirus produced using the RAPAd® system does not significantly increase replication-competent adenovirus levels. The system uses a backbone vector from which the 5' ITR, packaging signal and E1 sequences have been removed.

The RAPAd® Universal Adenoviral Expression System (# VPK-250) contains a promoterless shuttle vector to allow you to insert the promoter of your choice along with your gene of interest to maximize gene expression.

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