Cell Based Exogenous Antioxidant Assay

  • Determine the efficacy of an exogenous antioxidant compound within a cellular environment
  • Each kit provides sufficient reagents to perform up to 192 assays, including standard curve and unknown samples
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OxiSelect™ Cellular Antioxidant Activity Assay Kit (Green Fluorescence)
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192 assays
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The OxiSelect™ Cellular Antioxidant Assay Kit is a cell-based assay for measuring the activity of an exogenous antioxidant compound within adherent cells.  Cells are first cultured in a 96-well black fluorescence cell culture plate until confluent. Then the cells are pre-incubated with a cell-permeable DCFH-DA fluorescence probe dye and the bioflavonoid Quercetin, or the antioxidant sample being tested.  After a brief incubation, the cells are washed, and the reaction started by adding the Free Radical Initiator.  The Free Radical Initiator creates free radicals that convert the probe to highly fluorescent DCF.  The Quercetin inhibits the formation of free radicals, and thus DCF formation, in a concentration dependent manner.

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