Leukocyte Transmigration Assay

  • Quantify interactions between endothelium and leukocytes
  • Fully quantify cell transmigration with no manual cell counting
  • Highly sensitive results on a fluorescence plate reader


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CytoSelect™ Leukocyte Transmigration Assay
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Cancer cell transmigration, particularly extravasation, is an important step in cancer metastasis. It is the final step in a cascade of interactions between cells and the endothelium.

CytoSelect™ Leukocyte Transmigration Assay provides a robust system for the quantitative determination of transmigrations and interactions between endothelium and leukocytes. Migratory cells may be quantified on a fluorescence plate reader. Kits use 24-well plates with 3 µm pore size membrane inserts.

The Leukocyte Adhesion / Transmigration Cascade.

CytoSelect™ Cell Transmigration Assay Principle.

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