TBARS (Lipid Peroxidation) Assay

TBARS Assay Kit
  • Quick screening tool for oxidative stress
  • User friendly protocol uses smaller reaction volumes in a 96-well format
  • Does not require glass tubes or marbles


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General FAQs about Oxidative Stress

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OxiSelect™ TBARS Assay Kit (MDA Quantitation)
Catalog Number
200 assays
Colorimetric / Fluorometric
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OxiSelect™ TBARS Assay Kit (MDA Quantitation)
Catalog Number
5 x 200 assays
Colorimetric / Fluorometric
Manual/Data Sheet Download
SDS Download
Product Details

The TBARS (Thiobarbituric Acid Reactive Substances) assay is well-established for screening and monitoring lipid peroxidationMDA forms a 1:2 adduct with thiobarbituric acid; the MDA-TBA adduct can then be measured.

Our OxiSelect™ TBARS Assay Kit provides a much more user-friendly protocol to measure the MDA-TBA adduct. Reaction volumes are much smaller than the traditional assay, so much less sample is required. Also, reactions can be performed in standard polypropylene tubes - no glass tubes or glass marbles are required.

Important Note: MDA adducts are not stable long term. For best results test all samples immediately upon collection, or freeze them at -80ºC for up to one month. MDA may be degraded in samples that have been frozen for longer periods; in such cases more reliable results may be obtained from more stable markers of oxidative stress such as protein carbonyl, 8-OHdG or 4-HNE.

MDA-TBA Adduct

OxiSelect™ TBARS Assay Kit Standard Curve with Colorimetric Detection. The MDA standard curve can also be generated using fluorometric detection.

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