Chemotaxis Assays

Our Chemotaxis Assays use a Boyden Chamber containing a membrane with a defined pore size. Cells are seeded above the membrane and are allowed to migrate toward a chemoattractant in the lower chamber.

For optimal results the membrane pore size should be somewhat smaller than the size of the cell to be assayed. Use the following table to select the right pore size for your migration experiments.

Chemotaxis Assay Selection by Cell Type

Cell Type Pore Size   Cell Type Pore Size
Astrocytes 12 µm   Lymphocytes 5 µm
Cancer cell lines 8 µm   Macrophages 5 µm
Endothelial cells 8 µm   Monocytes 5 µm
Epithelial cells 8 µm   Neutrophils 3 µm
Fibroblasts 8 µm   Slow-moving cells 12 µm
Leukocytes 3 µm   Tumor cells 8 µm